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Motor boats and sailing boats in the Netherlands

Boats in the Netherlands Are you looking for a motor boat or a sailing boat for sale or for rent?
Welcome to boats in the Netherlands. You can find many motor boats and sailing boats that are moored in the Netherlands. You will find many interesting boats in all price ranges, from well-known boat dealers and charter companies as well as private persons.

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We can recommend the market place If you insert Netherlands as a mooring, your boat will automatically be shown on these pages.

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Sign up on h a p p y c h a r t e r . c o m and edit your motorboat or sailboat there. If the charter boat is lying in the Netherlands, it will be shown here, too.

Current offers of the week

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Current charter offers of the week

Dehler 32 (sailing yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 995

sailboat, Length: 9.93 m, Cabins: 2, y.b.: 2015
Berth: Sneek, Netherlands
Charter region: Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Frisia, Wadden Sea, Randme...
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Thomasz 1060 - De Ruyter (motor yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 1,485

powerboat, Length: 10.60 m, Cabins: 1, y.b.: 2012
Berth: Terherne, Netherlands
Charter region: Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Frisia
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Tyvano 38 - Merel (motor yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 1,750

powerboat, Length: 11.50 m, Cabins: 2, y.b.: 2003
Berth: Woubrugge, Amsterdam, Leiden, Netherlands
Charter region: Randmeren, Amsterdam, South Holland, North Sea co...
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The latest boats

Sunkruiser Cabrio - motorboat
Price: € 34,500.00

Year of manufacture: 1976, Length: 9.70 m, Width: 3.05 m
Second hand boat, Motor yacht, Engine: Sole 60 HP
Berth: Haskerdijken, Netherlands
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Skarpnes Spitgatter 30 - motorboat
Price: € 39,950.00

Year of manufacture: 1986, Length: 9.14 m, Width: 3.30 m
Second hand boat, Motor yacht, Engine: Ford Sabb 100 PK 100 HP
Berth: Sneek, Netherlands
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